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Pebeo Studio Acrylic Fold Out Set 30 x 20ml & 2 x 100ml

£45.00 £40.00


A set of 30 x 20ml Studio Acrylics colours with 2 x 100ml Studio Acrylics colours, in a new more compact fold-out set.

Studio High Viscosity Acrylic is available in a large range of beautiful, contemporary colours (including the popular iridescent ‘Dyna’ colours) and provides a thick consistency, suited to work in dimension (though can be thinned with mediums or water). Dries to a satin finish. Very adherent and indelible once dry. Drying time 3 minutes to 1 hour, depending on thickness.

Colours: 2 x 100ml in 26 Black and 11 Titanium White. 30 x 20ml in 48 Opaque Primary Yellow, 13 Light Azo Yellow, 23 Medium Cadmium Yellow Hue, 32 Cadmium Orange Hue, 19 Transparent Vermilion, 33 Cadmium Red Hue, 50 Primary Magenta, 18 Naphtol Carmine, 55 Azo Pink, 21 Oriental Violet, 56 Prussian Blue Hue, 15 Dark Ultramarine Blue, 49 Opaque Primary Cyan, 28 Cerulean Blue, 30 Turquoise Blue, 43 Cadmium Green Hue, 44 Hooker’s Green, 27 Yellow Ochre, 38 Burnt Sienna, 29 Burnt Umber, 40 Payne’s Grey, 351 Iridescent Silver, 352 Iridescent Gold, 353 Dyna Iridescent Orange Yellow, 354 Dyna Iridescent Red Blue, 356 Dyna Iridescent Violet Blue, 357 Dyna Iridescent Green Blue, 358 Dyna Iridescent Green Blue, 359 Dyna Iridescent Green Yellow and 360 Dyna Iridescent Blue Black.

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